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2003-01-01 20:00:19


Why is it that most things given to Africans seem to damage


Take a look at some of the 'givens,' our inherited Religions, Educational System and Politics. Christianity with its Hieroglyphic Petals of diversity portrays a White God who was sent to be our Saviour.

The Chinese, Indians and Caucasians fundamentally revere the Gods that mirror their own image. Buddha has Oriental characteristics; Shiva is clearly an East Indian and Europeans or Whites as they prefer to be called internationally, never ever express their depiction of the Supreme existence as 'Black'. Remember the song "What if God was one of us." Well, which one of us? Native American, Asian or African?

Africans are mortified when attempts are made to consciously align them with the truth about their own History. Instead, we uplift the bogus aspiration of European Religions, damaging our African Minds.

Damaged African Minds take lightly the importance of making significant contributions towards their growth and development as a people. Our sleeping Parents kept us dead to the world with the anesthesia of slavery. "Jesus is coming soon. Don't worry just pray. God will take care of that. Leave it in the hands of God." These are some of the familiar admonitions spoken by some of our parents and recent ancestors. Maybe they didn't know better but 'Father' did.

The Priest was revered as Vicar of Christ, as they sprinted towards him, for forgiveness, blessings and peace.

After 1970 when a few black men realised that there is no law worth respecting above the Supreme Self, we saw a gradual representation of Africans and Indians included in the Priesthood. Did this help our social evolution?

Now what of our Education? As early as Pre-School years we are bombarded with misrepresentations of reality by ridiculous rhymes, rather than all-round constructive truth. Mentally, atrocities took the place of kindness as we chanted subliminal wickedness. 'Jack fell down and broke his crown.' Cutting off animal tails with a carving knife.' 'Rock a Bye Baby on the tree top when the wind blows the cradle will rock, oh yes, then down will come baby~ cradle and all.'

The study of OUR HISTORY is almost always validated from a European prospective. All the prominent heroes in Movies and even in Cartoons are distinctively White. African History was never truly a part of our Education System.

In the early days of Black/White TV, what characteristics of Black imagery were we made to admire. "Good Times" with JJ and his poor black family stranded in the Projects = (Laventille), who did best, by laughing at themselves. Then we had Mr. Jefferson who some how made it, nonetheless being very egotistical he failed to portray any sensible family values. Last but not least Fred Sanford of Sanford and Sons the preposterous diplomat of Junk, very unfortunate portrayal of our culture. 'Damaging African Minds.' Remember impoverish circumstances should never be perceived as culture nor adopted for tradition.

Damaged African Minds cannot relate to its culture as a whole but rather conclude it's identity based on certain fragmented or impractical realities eg. broken vernacular, a Rasta hairstyle or intrepid African Rituals. While all these things may have their place in one's personal journey by no stretch of the imagination is it enough.

Damaged African Minds cannot support each other in business. We don't see ourselves as a nation of people but as opposing angles, which must either be pulled down or shattered.

Damaged African Minds have problems accepting their image, yet they see Michael Jackson as having committed the ultimate Sin... 'Damaging African Minds.'

What about those youths, who prefer Brands, entertainment or pilfering as opposed to education.

Next we have those Poisonous Politicians with damaged minds, corrupting never so wisely. They walk around in poor communities promising and lying with genuine sinful steps.

So wherein lies our Liberation?

There are many Faces of Slavery, so Emancipation in its entirety is a process just like evolution.

"It would take more than a Day to Repair the African Mind."

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