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JJR and Mills were lucky !!

Jolie Fleur
2003-01-01 12:56:03

I'm glad they were able to see thru it all and rejected this new year bomb attack on their persons. It was for a smear campaign and looking for acceptance. Sad to say some myopic Ghanaians pretend they see nothing wrong with those. To me that only tells me how sung they are in their principles if they ever had any. Not long ago we heared JJR and the NDC had plundered the economy. Is every thing now on track? Then let NPP tell Ghanaians. The recent end of service benefits which was an arrangement between NDC and NPP is an example. NPp went back to try to drag JJR to disrepute. NPP stop your hypocricy and be true Ghanaians.
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Kwasi Ghanaba
01-01 16:11