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2003-01-01 12:44:25


This is not asking for too much and it looks like the final frontier. Above is a very true and concise piece which is totally missing in our system. The points you just outlined will be our only way out of our miseries if our leadership is serious about catalyzing performance.

Questions need to be asked on daily basis to find how every agency and institution is doing. The leadership must insist on decentralisation while ensuring that there are proper monitoring regimes to ensure that this new approach to defunct management style is producing results. I appeal to JAK and his cabinet to ASK questions and SEEK answers. There are too many unanswered question all over the place but nobody is asking them so the Ministers, Mayors, DCEs, the Assemblies, Local Authorities and MPs simply get fancy and abuse power while we have slums cropping up in the middle of the capital and armed robbers shutting down the economy.

Performance Driven Governance will be the ultimate key to the long awaited progress in Ghana. Instead of throwing words like "accountability" around, why can't we motivate people to be accountable and provide services to the people. Such a monitoring regime will trigger a chain of events that will build up on competence in the high offices.

If such an approach is not adopted to get all the government functionaries working efficiently and I am sure they will be proud to look back at the results in the near future. I bet if we go this path pretty soon many managers and directors will start thinking on their feet. They will start attending to the business at hand instead of simply putting on their suit and chasing young ladies around town while the clients wait. Let us use this strategy to salvage the system and change attitudes and observe how many key officials/managers/directors will start sweating while sitting in a well "air-conditioned" office.

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