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Bad Attitude Baracus
2003-01-01 10:24:45


Atta Mills has once again shown that he is a POODLE by being instructed by Konadu Agyeman not to accept a gift from the state protocol office.

According to the news report even JJ Rawlings signed to accept the gift only to be instructed by his crazy ass wife to return them.

And some form of communication from Konadu instructed Atta Mills not to accept his gift that was coming his way, prompting him to stand guard at his house entrance waiting for the messengers from the state protocol office.

Oh what a POODLE. I thought he had recently declared that he was his own man.

Mills, this is not good at all! You have once again demonstrated to Ghanaians that you are not your own man. A stupid bitch and her husband has a leash on you!

Oh what a POODLE. I bet you have scored many negative polical points by being instructed to reject the gift.

Atta Mills a sorry ASS man, indeed!

Why in the world do you wanna be the president of Ghana, POODLE?

Wait till after the holidays and know what Ghanaians think of you, lately.

Rejecting a gift is not only mean but also uncivilized! And in this case just to spite the president shows how low esteemed Mills is. A thin-skinned person like Mills has no place in the political arena.

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