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JAK;The Most Ethical President So Far

Ama Kanawu
2003-01-01 09:34:49

There is no government on earth that is free from corruption. Notwithstanding some of the miscues of the NPP, the Kuffour government has been the most ethical administration Ghana has had so far. I know how the likes of Seckago yearn for the days when Ghanains were treated like cattle by JJR. Well, I have news for you, those days are history.

Yesterday, I read my good friend Auntie Molly's response to Azar that Rawlings saved Ghana from ruin and I almost choked. Rawlings saved nobody but himself. The corruption, negligence and brutality of the Rawlings era are nothing compared to what we have now. For over two decades JJR pepertrated himself in power by relying on a cynical formula. He intimidated the Ghanain people, crushed domestic dissent, made sure the army was polarized enough to threaten his rule.
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