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Truth II
2003-01-01 06:23:52

Rawlings and Mills Reject Govt's Protocol Gifts Former President Rawlings and his vice, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills have rejected protocol gifts sent to them by government. Officers from the Protocol Office delivered the hamper of drinks and festive message cards, first to the former President who signed for them. But sources say the former first lady instructed that the gifts be returned. Prof Mills also refused his gifts when the Protocol Officers arrived at his residence to deliver the gifts. Prof. Mills? Personal Assistant Ludwig Hlodze told JOY News that the former vice President took a decision not to accept any gifts this season.

''Long before the gifts started pouring in, he issued instructions no gifts will be accepted for personal reasons,'' Hlodze said.

Other sources however told JOY News that there was some communication to the former Vice President, probably requesting him to turn down the offer. Officials in the protocol office claim Prof. Mills seemed to know that the gift bearers were headed to his residence with a delivery, and he was personally at the door to reject the gifts.

President Kufuor?s Press Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong expressed government?s disappointed at the rejection of ''a gesture of goodwill''.
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