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2003-01-01 05:33:03

Oh God, give wisdom to our president John Agyekum Kufour and his team of ministers to rule the country. I pray that this year will be a year of no globe trotting, but the need to identify viable local industrial boost and promotion. Let Ghana see a difference this year. Cause an evenly distributed rain to fall and restore the fertility of the land. Let there be yields in every endeavour and drive away famine and pestilence. Let there be no invasions within the borders of Ghana. Set your unseen forces to protect your land.

Let the opposition, with divine inspiration criticise constructively for the well being of Ghana. Guide our print and news media to work without any fear or favour and support all programmes of both the government and opposition , binding their waist with the motor of Commonwealth Hall ( TRUTH STANDS ).

I am still asking you to strengthen our ex-president JJ Rawlings, give him good health, long life to see the fruit of his democratic foundation. But this year help him to avoid any " BOOM" speech. However, if it is your will let it be, but without violence.

Let Ghana be refreshed and appreciate the cedi, let corruption be severely punished, deliver our young ladies from the grip of rich and wicked men. It is my prayer that "JAPAN MOTORS" (the car park in front of Volta Hall, University of Ghana) be reduced drastically by divine intervention to enable Volta Hall ladies rely on God and become good wives, mothers for our future children. But forget not to punish " FATHER BACCHUS" for his profanity in Commonwealth Hall and cause his power to break from the hold on students.

Lord bless the Webmaster/SIL, be merciful unto the Young Bajan, Hannibal, Submarine,Quartet, Kofi Web,Ber Nkoto, the Barakats, Concerned citizen, Sule Moyoyo. Let patriot turncoat, kweku azar,Togbe Aboagye, Fofi Ameko,Dada, Bronx Odikro be more fruitful. Cause Bento to see more for African unity. Let Zulu chief be wise. let the presence of julia anderson, naana, adwoa and other women on SIL be liberating not to women alone, but to Ghana as a whole. I pray for tolerance for all SIL members and immediate stop to disrespectfulness. Let those who hide behind the computer with profanity and with evil ideas to destroy and smear respectful people with immoral addresses be warned. For any word that is uttered shall be judged and accounted for at the close of the ages.

As for Socratinus, Lord let him be wise like King Solomon, let his dominion be established like King David, let him be rich like King Solomon and meek like Moses ( not quick to insult on SIL and anywhere) and give him long life like Methuselah. Help him to be divinely romantic for a long and a perfect lasting relationship. amen
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