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RE: Charles Taylor "I am entitled to more tha

2003-01-02 08:20:44

Thanks, Bad Tsalagi Brotha, for reminding me about learning how to spell. I would not not come out and tell to you to learn how to spell if I saw a typo in your posting; I would rather bring the typo to your attention with the hope that you would correct it. I do not have as much education as others have, so please excuse me when you notice any misspellings in some of my postings. I'm a highschool drop out, and I'm struggling to express myself each time I post. Your posting did not address your personal preference for polygamy; it talked about Charles Taylor. I responded to the posting based on that, with the understanding that you were seeking views from readers. But apparently you have decided that no one should have an opposing view, based on your reply to my response. My response did not insult you in any way. My response was not one that made a mockery of you. As to your statement that you have a right to have additional wives, I can't comment on that, for that is your personal choice and was not a subject of your earlier posting which I responded to.

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RE: Charles Taylor "I am entitled to more tha
01-02 08:20