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Of Tripe, Oxtail and Bones

2009-04-13 19:20:54

Ghanaians love their bones, tripe and oxtail if they can afford it. Ghana also maybe the only country in the world where the price of bones is at par with meat. Tripe, or stomach cannot be ignored either when one is inviting pretty girls out for Sunday's emotuo session.

I had a dream about La's one and only emotuo restaurant which has me dying to eat oxtail, tripe and bones for almost ten years. My cooking skills must have eroded, hence the post seeking advice on how to cook the above and with which soup? These experimental groceries of mine cost a whopping $50, for a single person that's a lot of moolah for a day's meal.

Cooking oxtail for me is just an exercise in futility due to the length of cooking. Any advice on how to shorten the cooking time is appreciated. I don't intend to eat am today, so maybe cook am today and eat tomorrow will be appropriate. As for the tripe, its whitish colour alone makes me wonder whether it’s the same as Ghana’s.

[This is an authentic posting from JW (Registered User)]
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