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2009-04-13 13:53:26

Joshua was a prophet of God, through whom Jehovah spoke to the people of Israel. In one such communication Joshua challenged the people of Israel to choose between the gods of the Amorites and Jehovah, the Almighty. According to Joshua, for him the choice was a simple one: " as for me and my family we shall serve the Lord."

Fast forward a few thousand years to the land of Ghana; a land of twenty-three million who also face the stark choice between God and the animist deities exemplified by the gods of Lamakara.

At center stage are two Johns who won presidential elections 8 years apart. Within 1 month of winning his election John I went to Lamakara, the Mecca of animist beliefs and heathenist practice. He went to pay homage to his high priest, Gnassingbe, and to give thanks to the gods of Lamakara for his electoral win.

Eight years later, John II went to the synagogue to meet the virtual reincarnation of Joshua, an intermediary through whom he rendered thanks to Jehovah for his electoral success.

Folks, it doesn't get starker than this.

One John chose the gods of Eyadema's Lamakara and the other John chose Joshua's Jehovah.

I am sure you and I are clear in our minds as to who we'd choose to thank if we found ourselves in a similar situation.

Joshua's warning is very relevant here. Everyone has a right to choose who they'll serve...

...but as for me and my president, we'll serve the Lord.

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