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Nz Kakula
2002-08-24 15:34:04

The reasons given by Nana Akkufo Addo the AG, declaring the speech made by JJR in Kumasi as nothing treasonable fall far below the initial wish of the AG to prosecute the ex-president on charges of treason in line with Article 3 of the constitution, for which death is the punishement. Long before the BNI submitted its findings to the AG's Office the AG made it clear that the Govt will not sit and tolerate such treasonable utterrances from the ex-president, He insisted in a whole days news that the treasonable speech made by JJR will not go unpunished and that the Govt has taken adequate steps to ensure maximum state security before, during and after the prosecution. Infact when I heard all these from the AG I got pricked b'cos it was as if the AG had all the facts to support his instant judgement. My problem was wether the AG has enough grounds to charge JJR of Treason and if he went ahead with his devilish intentions what will be the aftermath of the execution of the ex-president as stressed by the AG. Today after such empty monkey talk the same AG out of fear or incompetence has come to tell his tuned NPP supporters and the whole world that there's nothing treasonable about Jerry's speech. In my own view and that of many others the BNI and the AG's office have not dug into the case enough to convince us that JJR's speech is really not treasonable. Two things Scared the BNI, the AG and the coconut-headed president.

1. The early and quick assembling of over 2000 NDC Ready-to-Die supporters that took over the BNI office was a big sign of the NPP possibly loosing grounds as it happened to Robert gaye of Cote d' ivore if care was not taken.

2. JJR told the Director and his Panel of BNI cohort that the BNI office was not the the appropriate place for he Jerry to declare his asserts or pronounce who sent him what or who paid what. He further told the "Simpa Payin" BNI Boss that only a cut of his throat with his head off the neck will force him to kowtow to their threat and intimidation, a statement Silly Jake did not use his coconut to think about how insulting it is to his rot Administration but gave it out to the National stations GBC and GTV to broadcast from morning to evening. The BNI Boss at a point saw that the colours of JJR's eyes have change from the initial white to Red. He instantly realise he was talking to a man. Just after he released JJR, picked a phone and warned Akkuffo Addo of the peoples wrath and that of the brave-man. All of a sudden the AG realizes he's a lawyer and so he must consult his books before bisecting his dirty mouth to issue death threat or its kind.

This fear and Total cowardness exhibited by the BNI, the AG and the office of the president can only be equated to that of the Billy Dog which will bark loudly at anything that passes across its nose but with the tail and balls frozen between the legs. Cowards.
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Nz Kakula
08-24 19:06