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Should Parliament vet Pastor Joshua?

Kwaku Azar
2009-04-13 06:36:54

Ever since Chairman JJR plucked Agya Atta from the University of Ghana to the IRS and the Castle, Agya Atta has held the chairman in high esteem. It is well known that President Agya Atta holds the Chairman as his mentor who he consults daily.

But it seems Chairman JJR now has competition. Agya Atta is now a member of The SCOAN and a close friend of the so called man of Chineke T. B. Joshua. Agya Atta has openly and proudly proclaimed that Pastor Joshua predicted his victory in the elections, specifying there would be three elections and the results would be released in January. Check the link below to listen to the President give testimony and speak in tongues at the SCOAN.

Agya Atta has also declared the Nigerian pastor as his mentor and Spiritual head of Ghana.

Some say President Agya Atta is free to choose anyone as his mentor and spiritual leader. They cite the constitution, which provides for freedom of worship. Others say Agya Atta should continue to read teh book of Joshua, especially Chapter 4 verse 19 aka 419.

If Pastor Joshua is going to be the Spiritual Head of Ghana then I ask

Should Parliament vet Pastor Joshua?

Da Yie!
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