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Epilogue on ODB: My Spanish Guitar

2002-08-24 11:19:14

SamiraZ little something something for the cutest man on SIL. The one and only Old Dirty Bastard, my boo, my honey, my master.................................

A smoky room, a small cafe

They come to hear you play

And drink and dance the night away

I sit out in the crowd

And close my eyes

Dream your're mine

but you don't know

You don't even know that I am there

I wish that I was in your arms

Like that Spanish guitar

And you would play me through the night

Till the dawn

I wish you'd hold me in your arms

like that spanish guitar

All night long, all night long

I'd be your song, I'd be your song.

SamiraZ (Mistress of the klanZ leader)

PS. [If anyone has a problem with my song (Toni's actually) 4uck you.] That's right, 4uck you and good morning to you too.

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