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I Know My Way!

2009-04-10 16:56:58

Yes, I know moi is sexy, tall, good looking, smart all that. But what others attribute to genetics may not be the case, since handsome moi has done a lotsa things right in life to get to this great physical and mental state. I realized very early in life some foods are either not good for me, or up to my taste buds. I keep on eating the same food and ordering same kind of meal at restaurant. They call me, chicken-Caesar-salad at one eatery, no-yoke scramble eggs and veggies at another and at grocery shops; handsome moi is introduced as the chicken breast and thigh man. There are foods I haven't eaten in years, so maybe some of you could learn a thing or two from me by not eating chofi, ox tail, , lapiwa and fufu. Trouble is can eat everything as long as active. I am here to help, so don't be shy to ask for tips in staying healthy. Life dey sweet, Ghanaman, so dunno why you don't wanna care for yourself. I am having baked potatoes, trout and salmon with sauce béarnaise for dinner.

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