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Any Willing Taker?

Mighty Is Kante
2009-04-10 15:44:48

I have known this South African business man for a while. He has always been into money-making. The type of cars he drives and his crib suggest that he is doing well! To cut to the chase, he is a millionaire who for some strange reason has always admired Ghanaian women(you won't blame him though if you are not into the type of bald women he says are found in his country)! Just yesterday, he told me to find him a Ghanaian wife! Afa! He is looking for a thirty-something , at least college-educated , slightly tall(but certainly not short), respectful lady from Ghana who can be communicated with on everyday issues without the help of an interpretor or dictionary!

This guy is loaded, smart, well-educated, and tall. I checked his footsize and reckoned that he does not go about his most serious BIZ with a pencil! The only thing a well-groomed lady might have to change about my friend is his dress sense and penchant to pick his teeth after taking in anything, water included!

Guys, I am serious about this, OK! I stand to collect about a thousand pounds and a free ticket to south africa if this 'project succeeds. We wanted to put this out on the classified pages but stopped upon realising that we might be encroaching on Na-Sei's space. Interested applicants may send their photos and any relevant bio to me at I would link the first 'qualifying' applicant with Jomo !

Thanks for your attention!

[This is an authentic posting from Mighty Is Kante (Registered User)]
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