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Rt Rev BBK
2009-04-10 13:00:49

It is the prerogative of the President to nominate DCE's and MCE's and it is the responsibility of District and Municipal Assemblies(where appropriate) to accept the nominees or reject them. The Assemblies are grassroots people known as Assembly men. They give the final nod. So they can reject or endorse the President's appointees. Why then are agitators not spending their energies at the Assemblies to get who they want appointed or to disappoint unwanted appointees? I don't get it.

On misplaced aggression of agitators, please take note of two issues.

The first being the selection process the President adopted. It is on record that he has not been arbitrary and picked candidates out of nowhere. He set up a committee that scrutinized applicants and made selections based on their findings before submitting same to him before selecting his choice.

The second issue is the attacks on ex-president Rawlings for pointing out the fact that many NDC grassroots are frustrated about then impending selections. Rawlings spoke his mind based on reports he had received. Anyway, had he done so not on a political platform but had made a direct input to the President, there would be no pointing fingers that he has caused the present unhappiness across the board.

Be that as it may, the President must stand firm and monitor the appointees as his Spokesman Ayariga has intimated below. People really ought to know where to place their displeasure and exercise their democratic power. The agitators ought to know that it is the Assembly members who should be their focal point.

It is refreshing to observe that the President has thus far performed creditably under trying circumstances. He has made his choices the best way he knows how. The President is facing misplaced aggression. Is the Municipal/District Assemblies not the venue for convincing the nation as to the virtue or evil of nominees?


President’s DCEs appointments is final - Ayariga

Last Updated: Friday, 10 April 2009, 14:24 GMT

The president, John Evans Atta Mills will not be coerced to change appointments made to the positions at the District and Municipal levels, presidential spokesperson Mahama Ayariga has said.

According to him, the president will not betray the trust and judgement of the eminent personalities both at the national and local levels whose advice and consultations led to the appointments.

The president has come under a barrage of criticism mostly from within his party, accusing him of appointing non-NDC members.

Former President Jerry John Rawlings had early on said on a platform the president (Atta Mills) can be forgiven for his appointment at the higher level but not at the local level.

Several petitions and reports of rancour at the districts have greeted the President’s appointments with threats of sabotage to the appointees.

But in a reaction, the presidential spokesperson, Mahama Ayariga told Joy News thorough work and consultation went into the appointment and little can be done about them.

He said the president will continuously monitor the performance of the appointees and will change them if necessary.

He urged the aggrieved supporters to work together with the new DCE’s to ensure development within the districts.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/

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