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Few can Lead!

2009-04-10 12:04:31

Was so busy during the week failed to realize the Oga kwata-kwata has designated moi as the kahuna in his absence for the Easter holidays. Was in a deep coma-like sleep when me phone started ringing off the hook just about midnite. Contractors are working around the clock to complete Olympic projects for the 2010 winter fest in my backyard. There is a subway which runs underneath our building with a stop or two nestled there too. The Granville Street membrane projects are underway. Nothing gets done without my approval, so just imagine who me pretty looks would be affected if this goes on like this for another month. Thankfully the project director will be back on April 25. Luckily went to bed about and was able to get some shut eye before the madness. Happy Easter btw.

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