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What % of NDC votes are Voltarian votes

Asantehene Bajan
2009-04-10 10:22:37

Looks like some are getting very hysterical. I think they need a Clinical Psychologist. When NPP lost power after 8 out of the 10 regions gave NDC the nod, the NPP blamed the NDC. Some even tried to set up Voltarians in the Asante region for slaughter by trying to move Asante corpse to Volta Region. Voltarian who new they did not touch anybody would have reacted very violenttly and it would have been a different story today. NPP has enemies not amongst Ewes but amongst Ghanaians. Ghanaians including Akans rejected the NPP because it has taken a tribal posture, it was corrupt, arrogant, non-listenning, dealing in drugs, divisive etc. We want a united country where everybody feels a sense of belonging. Now Mubarrack is an Ewe? Well perhaps Asantehene and George Bush are all Ewes. Nonsense, LET MILLS BE AN EWE TOO!!!!!!
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