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Is Kwaku Azar's pretty Zita not right?

Kofi Ameko
2009-04-10 08:02:58

"A directive signed by Information Minister Sabah Zita Okaikoi states that henceforth all foreign correspondents visiting Ghana to film documentaries are to be accompanied by officials of the Information Services Department."

What is wrong with seeking clearance? Why should we allow gabbage to be published about Ghana? Even in the US, don't press folks seek clearance? Don't they?

Infact, I think we should demand that parasitic NGO's that send fraudulent stories outside for monetary purposes seek clearance.

You like the useless and untrue informations published about Africa by Feed the Children and whatnot? You like the untruths that Christiana Amanpour told about some of our moribund traditions on CNN?

Is World Vision, Feed the Children and whatnot feeding and housing your family?

The African Petty bourgeois sucks! Let them seek clearance! Why not?

Is Zita wrong? I don't think so. What do you think?

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Kofi Ameko
04-10 08:15
Kwaku Azar
04-10 09:29