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2009-04-10 07:53:13

Happy Easter, I am presently in Bantama. I flew to Kumasi from Accra this morning. I have been in the country for just two weeks and I have observed that everything is going down hill. Traffic lights from Mallam Junction to Tetteh Quashie are all out , the resulting chaos at intersections is unbelievable. Young school dropouts and possibly homeless boys hold Nim tree branches and wave it to direct traffic.

The numerous police roadblocks are just opportunities for them to collect bribes to supplement their wages. They have lost the little respect they had before. They openly ask for money when they stop you.

The Cedi's depreciation continues unabated. The Banks have returned to putting money in black shopping bags even when you cash just two hundred dollar check. Importers are crying all over. The weak cedi has erroded all their margins.

The new administration is simply clueless as far as revamping the economy. The ineptitude of this government and its lack of ideas has even manifested itself in this bar. the place has become boring with nothing to discuss.

[This is an authentic posting from APENKWA (Registered User)]
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