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...KOFI JUMAH...saga

2009-04-01 07:09:08

...SHOCKING:- "The Great" Kwesi Pratt , was yesterday on Peace fm....saying and trying to throw dust into the eyes of the world, meanwhile cunningly convincing Kofi Jumah,that ..he ...Kwesi Pratt has conducted an investigation into his case...all the other recordings custody of Radio Gold...concerning those Raymond Archer...and is well convinced that Kofi Jumah.. is actually innocent..that all those clips /recordings are forged voices:- ..It must be recalled ..that the prime witness his (Kofi Jumah ) case, is again also indicated in another development...reported as have been assaulted severely by some B.N.I.personnel. at the point of death....and is on admission at an unannounced hospital..being guided by SECURITY..Reps..some from the great J.J Rawlings outfit...the most been provided by the National security boss.. Lt.-col.Gbevlo be specific.. 2....... Kwesi Pratt and Raymond Archer. are intimate friends...most of the time both are on "ALHAJI &ALHAJI.Program...hosted every Saturday on Radio Gold..Not excluding the GREATEST:-Dr Tonny Aidoo.... 3.All that i want to say is that ...Kwesi Pratt knows for sure ..that there is no way Kofi can deny this fact..except he is been cunning..playing a ridicule on Kofi...just to push him ..or persuade him to take the silly steps of going to court ..then they will just pounce on him ..just fine ..fine!! 3.Kwesi Een went on by saying it is only that of ATTA CHEA..MALICK ALHASSAN which is true..knowing Atta has alrady confirmed it .. 4...SOMEBODY NEAR THEM..COULD YOU PLEASE TELL KOFI JUMAH THAT THIS IS ONLY A CUNNING WAY..TRICK I SUSPECT JUST TO PUSH HIM TO THE LAW Madam Mould Iddrissu can well get him CASTRATED..or CIRCUMCISED !!! .5..And for other ones like that little girl/woman...NAANA PAULYN JANSEN...if i were you...or if you were my relative..or if i knew her ..or if i am close to you...whatever...all i will tell you is ...thank your stars you are not in Ghana...better seek Political asylum from which ever government ,which ever Country..wherever you may be hiding..Please ...DON'T COME TO GHANA AT ALL...after all..wherever you living is better than here......wait till this Government is gone ..else ..hmm....if you venture...they will whisk you like...chaff ..been blown by the wind:-. which immigration? Gbevlo. Ray...P.I. &Associates that detective...investigative company of Ramond wide affiliations with detective setups.. hmmm!!! hmmm!! hmmm!! >>>DON'T TRY OK...THEY WILL "CASTRATE" YOU ...word to the wise is enough!!
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