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Unite, or Face a Long Trudge, Come December 2012

Nana Amma Obenewaa
2009-04-01 00:16:11

The face, they say, does not see itself except through the reflection of a mirror. While the reflections of certain mirrors can be distorting, they tend to be accurate in giving one the true makeup of their face. Fresh disagreements within the NDC government are not encouraging and its time that we plead with certain actors, with vested interest in the party, to untie themselves from giving public statements on the Mills’ government.

Does the NDC need to cut out its nose to spite its face? From the way things are going, if left unchecked, the likelihood that the party may lose its popularity, with the Ghanaian electorate, is an understatement. In my opinion, it is too early for anyone to judge an administration that is trying to find a stable foothold in a slippery furrow left behind by a government with sticky fingers.

Having spent eight long years in the political wilderness, and endured bouts of harassments from the erstwhile administration, why is the NDC allowing itself to become a topic on the lips of Ghanaians? If these unsettling developments are allowed to continue and spill over into the open, guess what will happen, come December 2012? A long trudge that will, in due course, wear out the party’s energy and it take back to opposition.

I do understand Chairman Rawlings’ frustration with his party, especially on the pace at which the Mills’ government is running the country. That said, I think that the alleged comments coming from my dearest leader, Jerry Rawlings, if true, are very unfortunate and must be discontinued.

My dearest Chairman, history has taught us that while spirit of a good leader endures after his/her passage, and continues to guide his/her party through good and bad times, silence is, sometimes, the most effective instrument to bring the scheming thoughts of one’s devout opponents to a halt.

Amid growing differences, let the NDC not lose its collegiality and equability. The party must choose quite diplomacy, over other means of conflict resolution, to settle its internal matters. While age and wisdom do, and could, sometimes, push a well-intentioned leader, like Chairman Rawlings, to bring his experience to bear on his party, let the NDC not undervalue the intentions of an opposing Sanhedrin (i.e. the NPP) that wants the NDC dead and never to be resurrected again.

While the wishes of one’s adversaries are not the provisions of Providence, they could, sometimes, become a fulfilling prophesy, which, in turn, could fritter away the standing integrity of a great who has served his nation well and continues to guide her in her democratic journey. I wish you well, Mr. Chairman, and I hope all is well. Good day and cheers.
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