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IF'C' -What Turncoat will be blamed for

Kwabena Boateng
2002-08-10 21:54:51

You will be blamed for leading a slandering campaign against some folk and government based on roof top analysis.

You will be blamed for assuming the role of God, and judging without understanding, knowledge or wisdom. Your carnal "common sense" has led you to slander in ignorance, and for that you will be forgiven if only you repent.

You will be blamed for being lukewarm

You may be blamed for asserting the following:

the fact that the gov't has been bungling IF'C' since day 1?

the fact that Paul Acquah said IF'C' is the same as IFC?

the fact that Osafo-Marfo said IF'C' is working with the world bank?

You will be blamed for being like Rawlings...letting your passions control you devoid of wisdom...

Thank God for Technological E-Archives!

i won't be mad if you repent, cos I dont want God to treat me like Jonah in the Old testament book of Jonah. Jonah was mad at God for forgiving Ninevah-when Ninevah repented.
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