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2002-08-10 12:49:48

Mr. Baako and his newspaper have levelled accusations upon accusations against the former President and his wife. There is something called libel. In very simple English, if somebody says something malicious about you or says something about you in print intended to bring into disrepute your reputation, you can sue such a person or group of people in the court for libel. On judgement, if there are grounds that there was a malicious intent based on falsehood, then the injured, in this case Rawlings and wife, will be awarded the appropriate penalities against the newspaper. The matter is closed there. The stories by Mr. Baako are tantalising, succulent and juicy for we those who believe in real accountability and probity. I am sure Rawlings and the wife also believe fervently in these principles and are traumatised by these vicious and malicious accusations designed to defame them. Kweku Baako has repeatedly levelled these accusations against this family and in their turn, they have repeatedly complained to the Media Commission. Why doesn't the family take their case to the Courts??? I do not have a huge foreign account but I am prepared to pay the legal fees of the Rawlings' for them to address their complaints to the right body- our legal system. I want Kweku Baako to be disciplined once and for all. The Media commission cannot reign him in; it is the Courts that can. Rawlings and his handlers should know this. Isn't there somebody with the tiniest legal training among his people to advice him on this thorny problem?

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