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RE: American Murdered by Ghanaian

2002-08-10 11:49:10

A good balance is what it's about!!! and you are skewed waaaay on one side on a forum which must have some bias as a result of its content.....makes for a frustrating time.

Many of us sympathized with America when 9/11 happened. We have sympathized with American even in times of lesser known tragedies.

An American dies in Afghanistan...and the folks (Americans living in America) raise a big stink about it like it's the only life that's been lost thus far....(where else should the stink be raised?????) An American dies in Cambodia and it's the same bombardment...

Watch the Olympic Games in America....or any other "Games" for that matter and you'll see a clear bias towards showing events where Americans are participants....

See a pattern my impatient *?? the partial URL for this site and ur topic in particular...which also..."coincidentally," provides links to other pages focusing on Ghanaian issues....

are you surprised the visitors here are concerned with things skewed in favor of Ghana??

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RE: American Murdered by Ghanaian
08-10 11:49