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American Murdered by Ghanaian

2002-08-10 09:49:31

My point in posting this piece of news is to demonstrate to all the Asssholes out there, that it is not just "innocent Ghanaians" who get murdered in other countries. Sometimes it's the Ghanaians who are the murderers. Who knows what the guy in Toronto was involved in. Everyone is saying God Rest His Soul when you don't even know the motives behind the killing. Drug deal gone bad??? Jealousy and rge over a girlfriend? Before you all start blessing the deceased, you might want to know who he is first. Of course, when they jam the needles into this guy below, Orleans-Lindsay, you will all be saying "God Rest His Soul." Personally I hope God Torments His Soul.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- November 13, 2000

After evading an intensive manhunt for nearly two weeks, a Ghanaian immigrant was arrested and arraigned Monday in connection with the October murder of a Maryland state trooper.

Kofi Orleans-Lindsay, 23, who had eluded an intensive manhunt for nearly two weeks, was charged Monday in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, with murder in Cpl. Edward Toatley's death.

A federal judge ordered Orleans-Lindsay held without bail pending an extradition hearing set for 2 p.m. Friday. Prosecutors have asked that he be moved to Washington to stand trial.

Prosecutors have not said if they will seek the death penalty.

Officer identifies suspect

Toatley, 37, a 16-year member of the Maryland State Police, died on October 30 during a drug sting in the District of Columbia. A police spokesman said Toatley had given Orleans-Lindsay several thousand dollars for drugs just before his death. Toatley was burried on November 3.

Federal officials said they would prosecute the case because Toatley, a member of a drug task force, had been deputized as a federal officer.

According to a court affidavit, police surveillance and a videotape from Toatley's truck show Orleans- Lindsay firing the shot that killed Toatley.

A police officer who has known the suspect for more than 10 years positively identified Orleans-Lindsay, listed as a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland, as the person on the tape with Toatley, the affidavit says.
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