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Where were you when Elvis Presley Died?

abaa-bii abuzotyel
2002-08-10 07:14:14

Twenty five years ago a great musician died in his home in Graceland, Memphis/TS in the United States of A. He was 42, overweight and undisputed king of Rock n Roll Music. By his death bed were 10 different drugs. He was certified as having died through drug over dose. His name is Elvis Presley. His legacy lives for ever. He topped the charts in the UK with 18 albums, beating the legendary Beatles to second place. Today, there is an Elvis Foundation (EPE), perpetuating his name. He has been replicated, only God knows, how many times. But why he out did and outlived my idol, Sam Cooke, who died tragically in 1965 beats my imagination. Perhaps he has been better marketed than Sam. Sam was a gem and we used to 'Twist the night Away, and reflect with 'A Change Gonna Come' every night with him. 'Another Saturday Night' and 'Cupid' got me a lovely Ewe woman as a wife. As a young handsome teacher, with an old gramophone player (his master's voice),Abaa-bii was the toast of young girls at Agave in the Volta Region. My landlord, an adroit smuggler at the time and far richer was no match. So when i succeeded in wooing my wife, with the help of Sam Cooke and Elvis, the old fox threw me out of his house.

This week, Elvis' death is remembered in his home city and I will place a flower under his portrait hanging in my room.

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