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2002-08-10 02:05:01

SIL is bombarded by the ewe educated anthem, desperate as usual. We do not want to psychoanalyze them but anyone showing off is an empty barrel to be ridiculed. I come across academics from all tribes and amused at the efforts here by the ewe.

How does the ewe react when they come into contact with a top notch academic, of notable achievements who is not ewe. So many in Ghana and abroad. The ewe reactions will be fear, intimidation, feel unduly intellectually threatened, a pity, perhaps they then marginalise themselves to avoid this situation, the innate fear of being exposed . not surprising. Or possibly they "nyebrolize" in pastoral isolated conglomerations speaking the weird language to boot. The properly educated astute non-ewe never feels threatened, fully confident in capabilities, open minded , broad based.

Anyone who sees education as an escape route or as a desperate means to an end (as ewe) ends up metamorphosing into a psychologically threatened individual who may have difficulties fitting into society and find it difficult to be accepted. Their normal development to the adult acme is thus regularly impaired. Not just spending the years in the clasroom, far more than that. Of course to the paranoid, myopic, narrow- minded, pseudo-educated , or quasi-educated ewe, such dazzling glimmers of intellectual enlightenment are not immediately apparent. The dire consequences - saving and properly integrating that tribe, unfortunately, becomes the responsibilty of others. An intriguing discourse.
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