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Sule Moyo, come out of the closet

2002-08-10 00:51:24

Sule Moyo, i'm not in anyway jealous of your position of tagging people. We'll I'made myself known before on this phorum- Conservative, Pro Israel, Pro Castro, Pro Reagan, Ghanaian and a Fante, I dont hide my ideological leanings so whatever I write people will know that I'm writing from the perspective of that school of thought. With All you anti West , especially American rantings, I', not going to tag you as an Arab, because I'm not a fool like. Come out , tell the whole world what your leanings are so that people will judge you from where you derive your facts. You Faggot, its easier getting a visa to the middle east than to the west , what the hell are you doing in the West? Go to pakistan or any of the dirty beard , stupid bazzar sitting all day ,long pipe smoking backward countries to preach your hatred .
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