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De-mythologising NPP's Campaign promises

2002-08-10 00:44:17

In recent months, a lot of concern has been expressed about the NPP's inability to fulfil her campaign promises. Somehow, I have a feeling that we have created a mountain out of this seeming mole, so I would like to start this debate.

1. What did the party as a PARTY promised during the campaign that has not been fulfilled?

2. What did individual members (self-professed or media-professed leading or non-leading members) promise THEY will do when and if they were voted into power?

I have heard the following: (a) repeal the criminal libel law. I think this has been fulfilled. (b) complete the dual citizenship project-- FULFILLED. (c) abolish Cash and Carry. UNFULFILLED. (d) create several hundreds of thousands of jobs. Depending on who you ask, some of this has been FULFILLED or UNFULFILLED. (e) Zero Tolerance for Corruption. Once more depending on who you ask, (do not ask Hon. Victor Selormey or Mallam Issa) some will say, this has been FULFILLED or UNFULFILLED. (f) Golden Age of Business and good governance. Again responses vary from FULFILLED to UNFULFILLED. (g) Freedom of Information Bill. UNFULFILLED.

I am sure there is a long list somewhere. Do you know of any other campaign promises waiting to be fulfilled?

The important quest is to objectively de-mythologise the campaign promises from what the PARTY as party promised and what INDIVIDUALS as individuals promised to woo voters.
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