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Ghana:Infatuation with the English Language

2002-08-02 23:28:11

Ghana has forsaken techical expertise in favour of written and oral english to the detriment of its economy.Education in Ghana is purely theoretical.In Legon,MBA's are highly regarded than doctors.This MBA's mostly end up in Italy working menial jobs on factory floors which requires them to shower some five times after work.ODB and Julia Anderson are touted as the best writers on SIL,while Tek-Fan is a non-entity.This is a country with more lawyers than the United States,yet have no Accountants.Engineers are frowned upon because they have faith in their Kumasi Magazine boys who have no clue as to what causes overheating in a vehicle.Doctors have to kill patients for families to respect them,cos they believe more in their quack and herbal doctors.Engineers at the Science and Technology in Kumasi ended up being mere chew pour pass engineers with magazine hands telling them which size of wrench fits this and that bolt.Female students spend most of their time in school learning to become secretaries in order to win over some Sugar Daddy,hence the lack of any female doctor in the country.In summation education in Ghana is of an ad hoc nature and those who do make it out the jungle have to be retrained in the western world for better employment opportunites.What a waste folks.Then again an African writer given his limited command of the english language is always considered ethnic when he does writes a book.And now the latest form of education is learning to become a postor.Those students by the Kaneshie road boading school operated by some Americans talk about their chosen profession like a scientist would talk about his invention.Screw Face surely will never learn.

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