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Nana Kofi Brobbey
2002-08-02 14:32:23

NPP will rule for 18 years - Esseku:

. not when armed robbers rule our streets and govt seemed to do nothing about it

. not when millions of tax-payers cedis was spent renovating ex-president Dr. Busia's wife' Naa Morkors residence. We need the money in our health care system which is deteriorating at an alarming rate

. not when govt approved $20,000 loan for ministers to buy themselves cars of their choice at a time when our national coffers are empty and we are frantically negotiating for loans

. not when the president is jetsetting, shuttling from country to country. Its not a bad idea for the president to attend world conference and other important world meetings, his travels are getting out of control. Most of these travels can be safely delegated to ministers. Infact, he is so consumed in travels that he was not in the country during our 6th March 2002 independence annivessary! Too bad for a new president. Its time he stays home to take care of business aimed at improving our economy and fulfilling campaign promises.

I feel, it is irresponsible on the part of the NPP chairman to talk about keeping power for 18 years when our economy is in bad shape and the people are at the mercy of armed robbers. LOOSE TALK!!

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