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2002-08-02 14:05:25

During the fight against segregation "separate but equal", NAACP supported their case in court by proving to the jury school segregation does not help African American kids.

Kids were asked to choose the pretty doll between white and black, and the black kids chose the white doll.

Blackman should be proud of himself; should strive towards self determination.

Almost all the other races---Chinese, White, Arab, Persians, look down upon black people, because everything that identifies black people is foreign---second-hand. Hand-out


Thin (white) nose, but hate flat nose

Jerry curled hair

White-wigs court judges

Imported one-man-rule unitary system of government

Traditional leaders are strangers in their own land, because the constitution denies them of their political rights---chiefs are barred from active politics.

Cosmetic-made fair women (Similar to the white doll preference)

Imported God and his religion (God of Israel)

Foreign loans

English name:

Dr. George Ayittey--colonial. Min of Edu Christopher Columbus Ameyaw Kumfi---colo. Foreign Sec Hackman---colo. Elizabeth Ohene---colo.

nana akua---real. naa Darkoa--real. Andy Kwakumi--colo. naana---real. Obibinii Baa Amanfoa---real. Kwaku Azar?real. Prof kofi pete?real, Benson Katapila?colo. Richey ----colo. Henry K. Prempeh?colo. Ekua---real. HomeBoy---real. Jerry springer---colo. Industrialist Nii Zanga---real

The earlier we quarantine colonially soaked brains members of Ghana government and all the matured citizens, so that they do not come in contact with the children to infect them with diseases that is keeping Ghana backward, the brighter the future.

God is the greatest
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