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RE: P.V. Obeng/Kwesi Botchwey does not sell.

C.Y. Andy-K
2002-08-02 20:35:38

The news report doesn't indicate anything being claimed here, that those gents were to be Prez. candidates. I've also read that an Asante cand. is being considered in order to woe Asante votes. True or false, I consider such a thought or ploy based on tribalistic considerations so ill-considered that it reflects the general doldrums fresh ideas are in in Ghana! Why pander to Asante voters in such a manner? After all, they are just a minority and if they are determined to vote on tribal grounds, which this claims assumes, I don't consider it a good idea dragging the rest of Ghanaians into that "dismal tunnel", to borrow a phrase from Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

In any case, I don't consider Botchwey and PV arch-typical Asantes in office and so don't see their vote winning qualities in Asante. As for Kojo T, people are forgetting that he never even joined the NDC! He was a member of the NCP. He clearly said he was retiring from active politics in order to write his memoirs before going totally blind from glucoma, or so.

C.Y. Andy-K

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RE: P.V. Obeng/Kwesi Botchwey does not sell.
C.Y. Andy-K
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