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RE: P.V. Obeng/Kwesi Botchwey does not sell.

2002-08-02 14:35:25

These people are mad!!! PV Obeng, do they think we have forggotten this stealing playboy nasal pimp who catapaulted his bank account from ground level to the stratosphere within months of joining wofa jerry. if he has any sense he will stay below the radar detection of the Fast Track court before his ass gets dragged out!

As for Kojo T, well he is going blind isnt he? Of course he will. It is the blood of a nursing mother brutally killed and burnt that is blinding him!

Nana Konadu, oh boy!!! Hey what ever happened to the $600,000 she transferred out of CURRENT account, never mind her savings account!!!!

They might have to go back for Rawlings who with any luck would have started his life sentence at Nsawam by then!!

The fact is this congress of theives is bereft of any quality leadership as they will find in 2004. They all have CROOK written across their forehead.
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RE: P.V. Obeng/Kwesi Botchwey does not sell.
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