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P.V. Obeng/Kwesi Botchwey does not sell.

Yaw Boaten
2002-08-02 13:57:08

If the NDC is counting on P.V. Obeng, Kojo Tsikata and Kwesi Botchwey to win the 2004 elections then they are making a big mistake because they do not sell to the Ghanaian voter. Kwesi Botchwey was a guy who had the oppotunity to put the Ghanaian economy in good shape but look at what he did. Ghana will be going back and more back if they should consider voting for Kwesi Botchwey. Now lets talk about P.V. Obeng. Specifically, if the aim is to win Ashanti votes, then the choice should not be P.V. Obeng. P V. did not do anything to make Ashantis feel they were part of the P/NDC government.

Now this is my take for the NDC guys: Nominate some body like Abramham Kofi Asante. This guy is young and knowledgeable and can win the young voters in Ashanti.

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