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Kufuor Inherited A " Royal Mess".

Yaw Boaten
2002-08-02 09:46:59

These words are from Mr. J. H. Mensah, the Senior Minister: (1) The kufuor administration inherited an economy which was in a " royal mess ". (2) The NPP took over the reins of government at a period when the economy was in a total mess, the cedi had depreciated to an abysmal level and inflation galloping. (3) The administration was in January 2001, confronted with harsh and unfriendly economic, political and social situation which has invariably affected it ability to address the aspirations of the people. (4) The administration has also recorded modest achievement in the agricultureal sector where it has provided more than 5 billion cedis as loans for farmers and fishmongers to expand their activities.

Now this is my take: Ghana is now in a good political and economic path.

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