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Military Should Hunt Down Armed Robbers TERROIST

2002-08-02 09:39:02

It would seem that the president of Ghana should authorize the Military to hunt down the Armed and Murduring TERROIST. If the president has the country's true interest at heart he would authorize the military to become fully engaged in this needed pursuit. Is not the military responsibility to Protect the Peoples of Ghana and it't Land. Then why is it that the President has not done so. The reason would appear to be that the President and other govermental official including the police have a vested financial interest in crime, that is Armed Robberies. They benefit from charging the robbers a portion of what they take from you the Ghanaians Citizens. Why else would this dispictable behavior be allow to exist and to flourish. You can see that Armed Robberies are increasing and becoming more violent. This is because the Armed Robbers know that they have nothing to fear from the police, and by NO means the President of Ghana. The President should wake up, because the people will only take so much before they will resort to taking matters into their own hands, and when this happens rebellion will be in the air and in their Blood. The people will not only go after the Armed Robbers, but also the Government Officials that condone and permitted this abuse of the Ghanaian People. For instance, in Nigeria, when the murdering, robberies and other crimes reach a height whereby the Nigerians would No Longer Tolerate the Government's No Action Policy, the people took to the street, and now there is a new president in Nigeria. Not to forget the current past history of Nigeria, this New president is doing nothing to stop what cause him to be placed in power, and not the people are protesting and rebelling against the New President of Nigeria, and it won't be long before they will turn their attention on the President of Nigeria and he will have to be replaced. Well, the same will probably happen with Ghana. You cannot keep a people hurting constantly and just feeding them empty words and slogans and think that this will suffice their anger, and then one day awake and everything has blown up in your face. People have a right to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and the fruits of real opportunity and developmet. This the Ghanaians do not have, all they have is unmitigated struggles, and selfish wants of corrupt leadership that seeks it's own finacial encoachments. This is done by having the Ghanaians People Terroized, and not permitting the people to defend themselves from these ugly planned and unprovoked means of State Sponsor TERROR by the GHANIANS PRESIDENT. WHAT DO YOU THIS: LET's DEBATE THIS ISSUE IN ALL SERIOUSNESS.
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