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RE: What Does Addo Kuffour Know- Yaa Naa Murder

Akuffo Addo
2002-08-02 09:08:27

Confusion At Wuaku Commission Hearing Submitted on Aug 02 by esi | Read 50 times

The timely intervention of security men averted a scuffle between the two feuding families who are testifying before the Wuaku Commission investigating the Yendi clashes. An old man from the Andani gate started insulting a younger man from the Abudu gate, accusing him of killing the Ya-Na, Abudu Andani. This resulted in a hot exchange of words, which lasted about 15 minutes.

So intense was the commotion that sitting came to a halt. The two members at the center of the brawl, Bawa Baba Farika (Abudu) and Abdulai Karim Cheti (Andani) were joined by members from both gates.

When tempers finally calmed down, Justice I.N.K. Wuaku, Chairman of the Commission, repeated his warning that the Commission had powers of a High Court and would not hesitate to prosecute those who would misbehave during sittings. "This is my final warning to both Gates that those who misbehave would receive jail sentences without an option of a fine."

Mr Justice Wuaku ordered that henceforth no youth from any of the gates that was scheduled to give evidence would be allowed to attend the sittings. He also stated that nobody would be allowed to stand up while hearing was in session and ordered the security personnel to send out an Andani youth, who stood up in the hall.

The scuffle happened while a 60-year-old chief of Kunkon near Yendi, Ziblim Fuseini, who claimed to be the most senior man in the Andani family, gave evidence as the 67th witness. The witness, who broke down in tears, alleged that the military assisted the Abudus to attack the Gbewaa Palace on Wednesday, March 27.

Led in evidence by Mr Yaw Wiredu-Peprah, counsel of the Commission, Fuseini said while in the Ya-Na(quote)s palace that morning, he saw one Hammed Abubakar Yusif, alias Kuums, riding a motorbike and wielding a gun. He said Kuums, a worker at the Yendi Secondary School, was leading a car that was carrying gun-wielding military men and when they got to the Gbewaa Palace he pointed it to them.

Fuseini said he became happy as he felt the military men had come to rescue those in the palace but to his surprise they (military men) started shooting indiscriminately towards the palace.

Asked why he was in the palace at that time, Fuseini said he received a message from the Ya-Na through one Baba Fuseini on Monday March 25 to proceed to Yendi since the Abudus had attacked the Gbewaa Palace. He said he came to Yendi with three young men; Wumbei Mahama, Alhasan Fuseini and Mohammed Ziblim on Tuesday and although the palace was under siege, they managed to go in to see the Ya-Na.

The Ya-Na then informed him that although a curfew was imposed by the Yendi District Chief Executive to prevent them from celebrating the fire festival, the former Northern Regional Minister, Prince Imoro Andani had lifted the curfew.

While they were still in the palace, they saw the Abudus setting some Andani houses near the palace on fire amid indiscriminate shooting and the Ya-Na asked them to protect the palace. They therefore fired warning shots into the air to scare the Abudu fighters but this did not deter them. The Abudus continued and finally attacked the Gbewaa Palace.
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