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2002-08-02 04:30:08

Vice President Launches Campaign for Greater Discipline The Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama launched in Accra yesterday the "National Campaign for Greater Discipline" in the country.

The programme dubbed, "National Campaign for Greater Discipline" is aimed at improving the levels of discipline across the entire nation for increased productivity and greater harmony. The campaign slogan is "Do the Right Thing" and was selected because it is expected that when every Ghanaian does the right thing, the outcome would impact positively on all aspects of national life, but more especially, the economy.

The Vice President himself arrived at the function at 10.00 prompt to indicate his commitment to the campaign and strike the right chord with the campaign partners.

Alhaji Aliu Mahama said if care is not taken to address the situation now, it could lead to a state of lawlessness in the country.

"I will say that our society is in danger of degenerating into a jungle if we do not rise up now and stop this creeping monster called indiscipline. Our survival as an orderly society is under threat."

The Vice President citing recent mob attacks on police stations to release suspects and violent student demonstrations among others said should such vices continue then the fledgling democracy of the country would be in a precarious situation. "It seems to me that we are at a neck-breaking speed to the land of chaos."

He said the Police Service and the Judiciary whose duty it is to ensure a democratic environment represents the symbol of executive authority and therefore, "if in the communities, people defy the police and sometimes even manhandle them, it only goes to suggest that executive authority is under threat."

Alhaji Aliu therefore appealed to all and sundry to change their attitudes by way of being punctual to work and being law abiding among others.

"Lateness to work, poor reception of customers and clients, our attitudes towards government property, the indiscipline on roads, the complete disregard for town planning regulations and the general perception that our rules and regulations can be ignored, are all symbols of a fast deteriorating society."

He said the campaign attests to government's commitment to combat the canker and therefore called on all including individuals, NGOs and corporate bodies to join forces. He said, "Let's all condemn wrong-doing. Let us all be the watchdogs of our society."

In order to make the campaign more sustainable the Vice President urged the Ministries of Education, Local Government and Rural Development, Interior and Information and Presidential Affairs to allocate a portion of their annual budgets to the campaign.

A Special Assistant to the Vice President, Mr. Andrew Awuni presenting the campaign strategy said the campaign would be done mainly through the media using advertisements on billboards and handouts among others.

He said there would be inter-personal communications where the Vice-President or any of the partners in the campaign could go and educate drivers, market women and students at their stations and schools respectively.

Mr. Awuni explained that a major component of the campaign would be enforcement, so the police and other authorised agencies would be directed to come down hard on those who willfully break certain laws, guidelines, bye laws and regulations.

He said plans are far advanced to institute a national award to honour and reward outstanding drivers or individuals in their respective fields who uphold the principles of the campaign. This he said is to encourage everyone to be a disciplined citizen. He said the first year of the campaign will cost ¢2.5bn and therefore called on stakeholders to sponsor it.

The Minister of Information and Presidential Affairs, Mr. Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey urged Ghanaians to cultivate discipline as a virtue for a better Ghana. He called on the media to join in the fight as well.

The partners in the campaign include, Mt. Rev. Bishop Charles Palmer Buckle of the Koforidua Catholic Diocese, Rev. Dr. Mensah Otabil of the International Gospel Church, Mr. Kojo Antwi and Lord Kenya both musicians and Mrs. Gifty Affenyi-Dadzie, the President of the Ghana Journalists Association.

Others are the Managing Directors of Graphic Communications Group, New Times Corporation, GBC, TV3 and Metro TV among others.

Over ¢315m was realised as pledges from corporate bodies and individuals at the launching. This figure does not include the free air time and pro bono advertising promised by the electronic and print media and advertising agencies.

With this launch, Ghana is now set for a social revolution, which when sustained and allowed to work, may yet pave the way for the country's renaissance and economic development.

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