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RE: Kufour Is WEAK On CRIME..800 RAPES in 6 Months

2002-08-02 09:10:08

Pete honey,

All i am asking you to do if your poor mind can comprehend is to tell the world how many rape cases occured in 1999, 1998 and so on. If there were 200, then I would agree wit you and say we need to sort this out this growing menace.

However if there were 2000, then I would have to point out to you than there was a decline and that NPP was doing the busines and that at this rate the problem would disappear within another three years.

get it? now please give us the numbers or just go away with your Palaver and Voice cut and paste jobs!

By the way, the police are now better equiped than they ever were for 20 years of Ewedom. There are armed police, mounted police and those who just cruise around in air con cars. Soon they will have walkie talkies and then crime prevention and control will be a standard feature.

When his Jerryship was around Poilce men were reduced to beggars, do you remember this at all? SO why are you giving me a headache!
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RE: Kufour Is WEAK On CRIME..800 RAPES in 6 Months
08-02 09:10