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RE: Kufour Is WEAK On CRIME..800 RAPES in 6 Months

Concerned Citizen
2002-08-02 04:25:22

Prof. I hope that your crime figures are credible and can be substantiated. However, you fail to understand the different political frameworks from 1982 - 1996 and 96-2000. Rawlings used the gun. He could cause the arrest of people suspected of committing crimes and detained indefinitely. The public tribunals were used as JJ's tool to punish whoever the revolution did not like. People were shot dead for stealing mere C500,000. JJ decided arbitrary.

You write urging JAK to arrest the framers of the constitution. This is impossible. The rule of law must prevail. How would you feel should JAK order for your arrest for merely writing against him? Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.
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RE: Kufour Is WEAK On CRIME..800 RAPES in 6 Months
Concerned Citizen
08-02 04:25