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Kufour Is WEAK On CRIME..800 RAPES in 6 Months.

Prof. Nana Kofi Pete
2002-08-02 02:04:48

One leader that fought crime in the entire history of Ghana was President Jerry John Rawlings. Before Rawlings became a Head of State in 1979 the Ghanaian mail system did not move. Postal workers stole the mails, and there were mail frauds all over Ghana Post Office. The IRS was in shambles. IRS employees pocketed the payments made for taxes. Ghanaian businesses did not even bother to pay taxes. Soon the public tribunal and the court system was putting criminals behind bars. Crime went down from 60% in 1978 to 5% by 1992.

Today, there is crime all over Ghana. Wire and mail fraud is at all time high. 800 women and children were raped in 6 months (Jan 2002-July 2002). Number of people arrested for drug trafficking has considerably increased from 982 as at the year 2000 to 1056 in the year 2001, while about 1182 patients have been admitted at the Accra, Pantang, and Ankaful Psychriatic hospitals, all told, for the abuse of drugs. (Ghanaweb News). There are about 100 armed robberies in a month at present, and the robbers are killing their victims with AK-47s. Our streets have become death zones with drunk drivers killing innocent passengers each day. How many drunk drivers are behind bars? How many rapists were put into jails for 25 years? Apart from our airports when was the last time a drug dealer was busted in his or her $1 million mansion?

Ghanaians need both full-time Attorney-General and an Interior Minister to fight crime. I don't know what kind of drinks the 1992 Constitutional writers were on when they wrote that 75% of cabinet posts must be given to parliamentarians. This is insane, and I hope President Kufour would arrest those drunks who wrote such a constitution for Ghanaians. How can a representative in Parliament run a cabinet job at the same time? An Attorney-General needs more than 40 hours a week to do his job satisfactorily. So why is President Kufour hiring parliamentarians into high demanding cabinet positions? I have never heard of this mess in a successful democracy.

Ghanaians are losing confidence in the criminal justice system. A potential witness in the Sherry Ayittey bribery case vanished through our borders. Most Ghanaians have very little or no confidence in our criminal justice system. If crime becomes an issue in the 2004 elections, let us blame an ill-written constitution which created a bunch of part-time cabinet positions for Ghanaians. We need a better Constitution in Ghana that would create full time cabinet positions. Crime has been an important issue to the public. In 2000, the crimes committed by a serial rapist was exploited by candidate Kufour and the NPP. This issue was decisive in the presidential elections. NDC lost that election in large part because it was perceived by the public as being soft on arresting the serial rapist, and Ghanaians panicked.

I sincerely believed that all of us in Ghana and outside Ghana must do more to fight violent crime in our country. But we must never police the military to fight crime. The soldiers belong to the barracks. The security of persons and property must be a priority of every level of government, including hiring a full-time Attorney-General. When we have violent predators destroying our kids they must be given long jail terms. The Police leadership blames the Attorney-General's Department for not prosecuting cases on time. Will Kufour hire a full-time AG?

Prof. Nana Kofi Pete's Commentary on SIL for Today.
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