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NDC has acted in a perfect manner so far

Obosom Kyenku Komfo
2009-01-01 07:14:21

The NDC is doing the right thing in this whole affair and even some objective NPP supporters are seeing this.

1 The NDC participated in a fair election and won

2. The NDC happily obliged with the rules and took part in the run off and won. This was an election that used the same rules as the 1st one.

3. The referee has asked for a Tain run off which the NPP has agreed to and which the NDC will contest as per rules set up by the EC.

4. No one, No heavenly being can fault the NDC if after Tain they win.

Atta Mils, JJ and the entire NDC have been patient. The NPP cannot continue changing the goal post. Let us wait until after Tain. It is only 24 hours more

[This is an authentic posting from Obosom Kyenku Komfo (Registered User)]
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