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Some NPPists creating mayhem for Political Asylum

Kofi Ameko
2009-01-01 07:08:48

It was agreed that the election at Tain be held before final declaration of results. NPP agreed, NDC agreed. Votes from 229 constituencies were legally certified and "gazzetted."----using EC and Azar's past arguments.

The EC chairman talked about investigation into some alleged malpractices in V/R and A/R. He did not talk about AUDITING,a term being wrongly associated with his comments by some intransigent folks. Afari Gyan stated clearly that NDC presented evidences to support their allegations. The NPP presented Nada! ZELO! (Pardon me;have some sense of humor)

The question now is " Why the nonsense from Arthur- K, Dan Botwe, Kennedy Agyapong(whatever), Akuffo Addo, Jumah, Marfo, Apraku and others? "

We submit that;

a. These people are bent on causing mayhem in Ghana to provide excuse for them to run out of Ghana to seek political asylum.

b. These people are trying to have our people kill one another so that the Arthur-Ks, Dan Botwes , Nanas, Marfos, etc can run to the nearest UNHCFR (Refugee Commission) to seek Political Asylum.

c. These people are not prepared to stay in Ghana to face charges, if any, that might be brought against them.

d. These people are not as brave as NDC folks who stayed behind to face charges of causing final loss.

e. These people are out to sacrifice the masses of our people for their parochial interest. How many among the masses of our people know about UNHCFR offices?

We submit that these people must be stopped now! They must be held responsible for any single Ghanaian life lost as a result of their shenanighan.

What do you think?

[This is an authentic posting from Kofi Ameko (Registered User)]
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