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Say It Loud


Akadu Mensema
2009-01-01 00:58:13

Nothing is permanent, hence I will ask NDCers to allow sanity to prevail here. There is too much anomy here and some good ideas such as Akufo-Addo must concede have been drowned by cacophonic misguided views. We are behaving as if the NDC will rule forever! But honestly, I used to believe that the NDC had no chance against the NPP! But I have been proved wrong! The spate of rumour-mongering does not add to what has already occurred clothed in historic proportions! There is no need to call for wars or engage in tribalistic discourses! We are our own enemies to progress and folks let us all see ourselves as Ghanaians first! This is my New Year message to you all! May the gods of Denkyira bless you all!
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