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Richard Nii Amarh
2008-11-27 23:36:36


For those who are bored of watching GTV, they must certainly have a rethink in this political season. Last Sunday 23 November 2008, the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) told viewers that he had personally wanted to run with Hajia Alima Mahama but his party was not ready to accept a woman running-mate. Clearly, Akufo Addo has demonstrated his weakness as not been in control of affairs leading to the selection of his vice-presidential candidate. Is he his own man? This is the question being asked by most political analysts.

What the great confession has done was to tell the people of Ghana, more particularly his partisan followers that in the event of failure, they should blame the leading members of the NPP and not him. It is the case of trying to pass the buck even before the decision of Ghanaians is made known on December 7, 2008.

The lamentations of the NPP candidate have wider implications and connotation. It can be conveniently adduced that he is not very enthused with the performance of his running-mate, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, on the campaign trail. In addition, Akufo Addo, is hurting inside for not being given the latitude to decide on who should partner him. For pandering to the whims and caprices of a few hawks in the NPP, was indicative of the actual shakers and movers of action in the elephant family.

The lamentations on Kwaku-one-on-one, the True Democrat intelligence in the NPP revealed is creating a lot of disquiet within the front of the party. The hawks in the party and in the Castle, who are disappointed at what they termed unmeasured utterance by the flag bearer, think his lamentations showed that he is nervous of losing the December 7 election. They cannot fathom how their presidential candidate could be so sloppy at a critical time like this and tell the world that ?he is not his own man? and that his own preference was spurned by the party.

A true and independent-minded person has to listen but must equally be unwavering in decisions. The indecisive posturing of Akufo Addo, has given him up as someone not fit to be lead this country. According to the paper?s intelligence, most of the pro-NPP media were said to have been contacted to play down on the pronouncement. The intelligence mentioned the anger in notable newsrooms as the NPP apologists parading as professional journalists were seen discussing what is now be christened as a ?bombshell?.

The consternation, the intelligence explained is borne out of the unsuccessful attempt to tag the NDC presidential candidate, Prof. J.E.A. Mills as not being his own man. The intelligence quoted a senior journalist as stating that Atta Mills made his own choice of running-mate, without blinking. He noted that the great confession by Akufo Addo has amply shown his weakness as not been the decisive type, a quality which every serious politician aspiring to the presidency should possess. The capacity to take bold decisions and live with it is demonstrably the hallmark of strong and good leaders. Atta Mills, by screwing his head tight on settling on John Mahama as his choice has proved to all sundry that he has what it takes to govern. This is the difference between the two as to who is truly his own man.

As to what other factors might have triggered-off Akufo Addo?s great confession as to being pushed against his wish in the selection of his running-mate, the intelligence believed he had firmly passed a vote of no confidence in Bawumia. The NPP flag bearer, the intelligence claimed is tactically preparing the ground for a very good alibi to dodge responsibility in the event of electoral defeat. In this case, the leading members in the NPP, including B.J. da Rocha who openly kicked against the nomination of Hajia Alima Mahama and succeeded in foisting Bawumia on Akufo Addo are already being offered as a game by Akufo Addo?s ahead of a possible defeat.

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