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It?s the police or the investigation forces,stupid

2008-11-27 20:21:00

About four months ago, the New York Times published an article in which it stated unequivocally and an ambiguously that about 90% of retirees of the Long Island Rail Road system manages to collect fat disability insurance.

As if on cue, both state and federal investigators descended on the offices of the Railroad Retirement Board. Their offices became the epicenter of investigations. Soon pictures appeared in the New York Times of agents leaving with boxes full of relevant documents. Indictments followed. Plea bargains were made. Some have started serving prison terms.

In Ghana, no less a person than Mr. Alban Bagbin has stated that he has in possession documents incriminating high officials of the NPP administration in drug trafficking. One would have wished that should be a cue for the police and investigatory wing of the attorney general or ministry of justice to roll their sleeves and request the Honorable Member of Parliament to share the documents with them.

The failure of judiciary system in Ghana starts with our police and investigatory departments. When I was growing up I noticed that the only friends the police in La had were criminals or persons with questionable character. It is so at national level. They know most if not all the criminals in the country.

Progress is impossible if we continue to do things the same way we have always done. We can have religiously quadrennial elections; Ghana will still remain a land of lawlessness so far as the police and the investigatory wings are swimming in pools of corruption and incompetence.

It?s the police force and investigatory wings, stupid.

[This is an authentic posting from Bikome (Registered User)]
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