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What a shame !

Kwaku Timpa-Mrikisi
2008-11-27 15:59:19

Agyae eeeee iiiiiii. I have just learned that JJ Rawlings at a campaign rally boomed: ?Aboa be ka wo a na ofra ntoma?. Loosely translated, this means ?If an animal will bite you then it is wearing a cloth? Balderdash, this one!

Folks, I just don?t understand why this man has made it a crusade to massacre a very good and rich language called Akan-Twi. You may recall that this same man had said ?Anomaa antu a ogyina ho? ?sending ripples of laughter around the globe.

I just want to advise him that no one is forcing him to speak a language he doesn?t understand and isn?t willing to understand, semantically and syntactically

If this crook speaks like this in public , I wonder what he says to his Asante wife in private. He is 60 years old but his grasp of the language is still at the level of a kindergarten pupil, what a shame . ?Aboa be ka wo a na ofra ntoma?.----Goddamit!

[This is an authentic posting from Kwaku Timpa-Mrikisi (Registered User)]
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