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2008-11-27 15:20:19

This Obiba guy finds me too abrasive because of my constant criticism of the thieving NPP and its dishonest leaders, some of who have been accused of being drug dealers and users, and they are unable to deny the accusations. Obiba also thinks that I must be a coward and joker like him and fail to criticize institutions that are established to ensure that the rule of law prevails in our country. He is disappointed that I carry my own mind and not his; he is disappointed that I speak my mind freely without fear; he is disappointed that I fail to take his foolish pieces of advice which he constantly offers, hoping they would change me to be a coward like him. FINALLY, he resorts to following me everywhere and insulting me even when I do not mention his name or provoke him directly. A SECOND YOUNG BAJAN

In his latest personal attack on me, he lamented again that I do not take advice. I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR TO THE OLD FOOL TODAY THAT I DO NOT NEED HIS ADVICE FOR ANYTHING AT ALL. I BELIEVE THAT I AM 1000 TIMES WISER THAN HIM AND IT WOULD BE ABSURD FOR ME TO TAKE ANY ADVICE FROM HIM ON ANY SUBJECT. For his information, I will continue to do what I do best and if I apply for a job from him or for membership of any of the institutions he claims I antagonize, they must reject my application.

This is his latest attack on me:

"A lawyer wannabe who wants to practice in Ghana yet is ready to antagonise every legal institution in the country as well as the powers that be. The guy is not bright at all. And he is foolish enough not to listen when advised." - Obiba

[This is an authentic posting from BISHOP Dela (Registered User)]
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